About me


Hello there, I'm Kayla, from South West Wales dreaming of one day roaming the world & making London home. I'm one of those people that never stops eating despite my petite 4"11 frame, if you buy me pizza you would probably be my new best friend, This blog really started in the Summer of 2015 where after my 21st birthday I wanted to document my thoughts & life as I embark on my final year as a fashion student at the University of South Wales and into the future.

What camera do you use? Generally the go-to camera is a Panasonic GF6, DSLR quality but pocket size just like the owner. However there is a mixture of iPhone 6 & Canon Rebel T3i sprinkled throughout the pages. 

Who takes your photos? Mainly me unless I rope in some unfortunate soul when my face makes an appearance, whether that be the guy in my life, a friend, family member.. the list could go on. 

What program do you use to edit your photos? Even though Adobe Lightroom is meant to be easier still teaching myself the ins and outs until then I'm stuck on the oldie but goodie Adobe Photoshop CC

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